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“Small-Medium Manufacturers and Innovators Hire and Trust us to Help Them Uncover New 7 and 8 figure revenue streams…Let’s Discover Yours.

Let’s Roll up our Sleeves and Go to Work Discovering New Opportunities to Build Your Business and Project Revenue at Maximum Velocity!”


What happens to your Small Manufacturing Business or Innovative Concept if…


  • You doubled your business awards with existing customers and winning more new customer deals was much easier?


  • Your product portfolio was bursting with compelling and exciting new products that made you the “go to” leader in your industry?


  • You uncovered new 7 and 8 figure revenue streams you never knew existed?

Your business gets MORE VELOCITY, and you have more Success, more Money and less stress!


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“10 Proven Tips To Quickly Increase Your Revenue”

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You Should Get These Tips…

1. These are some of the valuable tips that I’ve created and developed for global manufacturing decision makers over many years to help them win more deals and add 10s of $Millions of dollars of profitable growth to their top and bottom lines. 


2. Please note that there is no hidden sales pitch in this information.  I’m simply sharing these helpful and time proven tips with small to mid sized manufacturers who are tired of struggling alone and who are willing to collaborate and work hard toward accelerating their business to the next level.


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Manufacturing and Innovator Makeover Sessions

Manufacturing Millionaires offers FREE 20 minute Manufacturing Makeover Sessions. These 1 on 1 meetings offer a confidential exploration of your small manufacturing business and sales programs and provide you with initial feedback. At no risk, we can explore how our programs can be a “good fit” and chart potential next steps.


For innovative engineers, we offer a similar opportunity with our FREE 20 Minute Innovator Makeover Session.  These 1 on 1 meetings will review your concept in in a safe and confidential environment while providing you with initial feedback regarding feasibility, manufacturability and best potential next steps.

Manufacturing Millionaires, Inc.

Service Offerings

1 on 1 Project Coaching

Deeper project discussions – what makes your project unique? Development of goals, timeline, markets, and solutions. Positioning of overall portfolio. Undercover gaps and pain points and dig into the details of what is preventing success, the competition, supply chain, and pricing.

1 on 1 One Business Development Coaching

Deeper business development discussions – what makes your company unique? Development of goals, team function, alignment with overall marketing for closed loop, growth plans. Under cover gaps and pain points. In-depth team and customer reviews. Identification of customers and how to market, convert, and maintain them. Full product analysis uncovering product to customer alignments.

1 on 1 Selling Your Business Coaching

Getting ready to retire?   Cash out and buy another business? Deeper business discussions – what makes your business unique? Development of sale of your business goals, timeline, prepping the company for sale, comparison to competitors, and finding the best possible buyers. Positioning of overall portfolio. Undercover gaps and pain points and dig into the details of what is preventing the  sale.

MasterMind “invitation only” Group Coaching Program

Manufacturing Millionaires facilitates, manages, and organizes 10­ – 15 like minded, brilliant and motivated small manufacturing leaders in group coaching. Participants form a virtual board of directors to both receive and give support and share their expertise with accountability. The group provides direction, access, and counsel not available anywhere else.

What People Are Saying About Us

  • I have been impressed with Brian as he directed the entire North American Business Development and Project Management teams for Hi-P International. His ability to understand intricate project details and to coach, guide and mentor global resources to successful outcomes helped create many compelling products for iconic brands. Brian also has a keen eye for details and a technical mind in which allows him to quickly assess opportunities and to develop project strategies from early sketch to full scale. Brian is very comfortable in front of a customer and follow-up on all the action items after customer meetings. Brian is easy to work with and always believes in under promising and over delivering for his clients.
    Bob Perez
    Bob PerezOwner at Bob Perez Supply Chain Consultant
  • Over the past 4 years of doing business with Brian, I can say that he has an outstanding grasp of business as well as technical issues. He is a strong problem solver and always bring a fresh approach to resolving all challenges. He is professional in his approach always delivers on his promises. He is beyond reproach in all matters concerning ethics and honesty. He is somebody that can be counted on to bring his projects in on time and under budget. He is a pleasure to deal with and all members of my team respect him immensely. He is definitely somebody who you can and will enjoy working with. I strongly recommend him.
    Bob Booton
    Bob BootonDirector Global Commodity Management - Mechanical at LAB126
  • Brian has a very deep understanding of methods, materials, and people, this together with his years of experience make him a very capable business development, and sales professional. He has a very good background and experience with design, materials, project planning, cost, new technology, as well as a huge source pool of people and groups who can supply him with any known or as yet still in development solutions to any product, or design challenge. He is well versed in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a supplier, designer, or technology. He can plan, estimate, and predict the best ways to apply his knowledge and that of his parent organizations key abilities to best adhere to the customers needs. He is also a very even tempered, and honest individual. Personable, and detail oriented, it was a pleasure working with him.
    Chris Novak
    Chris NovakDirector of Mechanical Engineering at Speck Products
  • With Brian’s years of experience and strong network in business, he can always bring effective win-win solution, from selling to execution, to the table by connecting the dots and right people together.
    Patrick Wu
    Patrick WuSr. Manager of Operations, Spinmaster
  • It was my pleasure to have worked with Brian on the Flextronics team during the past several years. Brian, has a quick mind, is an insatiable learner, and possesses genuine intellectual curiosity. When Brian joined us he immediately began contributing to our team demonstrating a great depth and breadth of technical knowledge and experience. In addition to being strong technically and being a self starter, Brian is blessed with strong interpersonal skills and is very good working with customers, presenting alternatives, testing for acceptance and following through. Hard working, solutions centered, and details oriented, Brian would be an outstanding asset to any team.
    Mark Coates
    Mark CoatesVP of Sales--RF Digital
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