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Who is Brian Cowell?

Brian has a proven track record for directing global project teams which launched disruptive product portfolios totaling $100’s of millions of dollars for companies such as Nike, Amazon, iRobot and Keurig and many others.

His heart and passion, however, is really to help small manufacturers and creative engineers succeed with their business and/or idea. Brian does this by coming along side to coach and deliver programs to get ideas and inventions ready for market or revitalizing the supply chain and sales portfolio of manufacturers.

Have an idea or invention?

To be successful and compelling enough to go from an idea on paper to revenue in the bank, it’s more important that your idea meet certain benchmarks beyond being cutting edge.

Even a reasonably innovative concept or product can generate huge success if it has all the right “elements.” Bear in mind though, that your success is almost always directed by choices you make early in the process of developing your concept into a marketable product that people will actually spend money for.

These 4 proven qualifiers can save you a ton of money and time by making sure your new invention or idea has what it takes to really sell in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

Increasing manufacturing profits

In the fast moving and competitive world of manufacturing, the difference between feast and famine is determined by the efficiency of each area of your operations, and measured in dollars per transactions and extra points to your bottom line.

The fastest and most effective way to increase your top and bottom line revenue is to focus on your current customers. This may sound obvious, but it’s often overlooked in the busy schedules of small to mid sized manufacturer owners. Your existing customers already trust your company and buy from you.

These 5 proven proven ways to increase the average purchase size and frequency of your sales this year can help you increase your revenue in the shortest possible time.

Innovation Risk Score

Save valuable time and money by making calculated risk. Get your free personalized report and the Innovation Risk Score for your idea or invention.

Ask The Expert

If there's something on your mind about innovation or manufacturing, go ahead submit your question while it's fresh through our free confidential quick question and virtual coffee service.

Manufacturing Coaching

We roll up our sleeves and go to work optimizing your operations and getting more deals to increase your profits -- get on the list to be notified when a spot opens.

“Brian's ability to understand intricate project details and to coach, guide and mentor global resources to successful outcomes helped create many compelling products for iconic brands. Brian also has a keen eye for details and a technical mind in which allows him to quickly assess opportunities and to develop project strategies from early sketch to full scale.”

Bob Perez

Bob Perez, Sr. VP Mobile Device Supply Chain - Motorola

“Brian has a very good background and experience with design, materials, project planning, cost, new technology, as well as a huge source pool of people and groups who can supply him with any known or as yet still in development solutions to any product, or design challenge. He is well versed in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a supplier, designer, or technology.”

Bob Perez

Chris Novak, Director of Mechanical Engineering - Speck Products

“Over the past 4 years of doing business with Brian, I can say that he has an outstanding grasp of business as well as technical issues. He is a strong problem solver and always brings a fresh approach to resolving all challenges. He is professional in his approach, always delivers on his promises.”

Bob Perez

Bob Booton, Director Commodity Management - Amazon/Lab126

“Brian's helped me take a complicated prototype made by hand, refine it to a better design, successfully launch to market and scale to manufacturing thousands per month. I’ve been working with him since 2016 to develop new designs, concepts and products that I can take to market or license --and I'm working with him on multiple other projects I'm confident will also be successful with his help and guidance.”

Rob Burke

Rob Burke, Creative Director - Burke Innovations


We've got the tools you need to get your idea to market, and then optimize your operations and get more deals to maximize your revenue and profits. Check out our articles, worksheets and interviews to get you one step closer to your goal.

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