Accelerate Your Growth with Strategies from Apple, Uber and Google

Come join us at the Exponential Advisors Alliance workshop!

Brian Cowell-President
Manufacturing Millionaires, Inc.
Co-Founder of Exo Advisors Alliance

Darin Minter-President
WMG Consulting, Inc.
Co-Founder of Exo Advisors Alliance


Want to Grow Your Business Much Faster Without the risk of Adding a lot of Resources?

We’ll show you how to design your manufacturing operation into a high velocity growth leader in your industry!


How can You Really Win More Deals and Higher Profits?

Learn how to align the right products to the right customers and win more deals, with higher profits!


How do you Hire and Retain The Very Best Talent?

Learn how to shape your organization in a way that attracts and incentivizes employees who want to win!


Want to Know How to break out of Linear Growth?

Discover new ways to leapfrog your competition, avoid stagnation and surpass your competition with quicker time-to-value from your investments and resources.

When your customers and employees are all depending upon the total success of your manufacturing company, you need trustworthy and experienced support plus the right answers.

(Chicago Area - June 22 2017)

Our Promise:

You will know how to apply the 3 ground-breaking strategies that Apple, Uber, Google and an increasing number of less known companies are using to create 2X, 3X and even 5X exponential growth and profits.

♦ During the workshop you will create an initial plan and get expert guidance to implement these revolutionary concepts for your business.

♦ Your investment of $995 per person typically yields a strong ROI within 30 days after full implementation.

The Result:

We are confident you will find this to be an eye-opening experience as you develop a new lens to view your business and the marketplace.

You’ll increase your ability to:

♦  Win More Deals

♦  Increase Profits

♦  Drive Operational Efficiencies

♦  Reduce Cost of Goods Sold

♦ Attract and Retain High Quality Talent and Increase Overall Sustainability

For more than a century, manufacturers have been restricted by their ability to scale, mainly in the form of assets and people, limiting them to linear growth -- times have changed!

♦ Assets: You no longer need to be handcuffed by significant CAPEX funding constraints previously required to buy and operate more factories, machinery and other physical assets

♦ People: You don’t need the hassle of sourcing, hiring and training a much larger workforce to deliver your products and services more efficiently to the market.

Fortunately, there are now significantly better ways of expanding your business quickly with fewer risks, less stress and much larger potential results!

Brian Cowell - Small Manufacturing Ideas

Who is Brian Cowell?

Brian has a proven track record in manufacturing while directing global business development and project teams which launched disruptive product portfolios totaling $100’s of millions of dollars for companies such as Nike, Amazon, Motorola, iRobot, Keurig and many others.

His heart and passion, however, is really to help small to mid-sized manufacturers create exponentially rapid sales velocity and higher profits. Brian does this by coming along side to coach and create cutting edge programs, strategies and solutions using exponential growth models custom tailored to ensure the best possible outcomes and success.

Why should you listen to him?

Brian's proven ability and scores of successes places him in high demand. He leverages his successful experience as a Business Development Executive and large network of resources to architect creative solutions and help clients discover and capitalize on the “Art of the Possible” for their businesses.

See what people say about Brian.

Helping inventors get their idea to market
Brian Cowell - Small Manufacturing Ideas

Who is Darin Minter?

Darin has been exploiting the latest technologies to help companies increase competitiveness for more than 20 years. While working at major companies including Accenture and Motorola, he has collected a wide range of industry best practices, enabling him to help a number of smaller companies (<100 employees) grow sales by 2x, 3x and even 5x in a few short years.

He thrives on showing small companies how they can compete with larger rivals through the design of disruptive new business and operating models, all enabled by modern design thinking approaches and a deep and wide understanding of the latest technologies.

Why should you listen to him?

While he is continually energized by all the developments in technology, Darin is a business leader first. He understands the fundamentals of business and economics, which are the foundational building blocks of success in this increasingly uncertain, yet opportunity-rich era of digital disruption.

See what people say about Darin.

Helping inventors get their idea to market

(Chicago Area - June 22 2017)

“Brian's ability to understand intricate project details and to coach, guide and mentor global resources to successful outcomes helped create many compelling products for iconic brands. Brian also has a keen eye for details and a technical mind in which allows him to quickly assess opportunities and to develop project strategies from early sketch to full scale.”

Bob Perez

Bob Perez, Sr. VP Mobile Device Supply Chain - Motorola

“Brian has a very good background and experience with design, materials, project planning, cost, new technology, as well as a huge source pool of people and groups who can supply him with any known or as yet still in development solutions to any product, or design challenge. He is well versed in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a supplier, designer, or technology.”

Bob Perez

Chris Novak, Director of Mechanical Engineering - Speck Products

“Over the past 4 years of doing business with Brian, I can say that he has an outstanding grasp of business as well as technical issues. He is a strong problem solver and always brings a fresh approach to resolving all challenges. He is professional in his approach, always delivers on his promises.”

Bob Perez

Bob Booton, Director Commodity Management - Amazon/Lab126

“Brian's helped me take a complicated prototype made by hand, refine it to a better design, successfully launch to market and scale to manufacturing thousands per month. I’ve been working with him since 2016 to develop new designs, concepts and products that I can take to market or license --and I'm working with him on multiple other projects I'm confident will also be successful with his help and guidance.”

Rob Burke

Rob Burke, Creative Director - Burke Innovations

What Is the ExOAA?

The Exponential Advisors Alliance (ExOAA) was created to transform and help drive incredible revenue growth and operational savings for the 250,000+ small to mid-sized manufacturers in the USA. Brian and Darin are excited to serve these companies in scaling their profits and operations.

Why Should You Attend?

The Exponential Manufacturing model will be used to accelerate your company’s sales, profits, technology offering, market share and overall success. It will also help you attract and retain highly motivated staff who are hungry to make your company successful.

This model is not for the company owner who is satisfied with the status quo. But if you are tired of grinding it out day after day and you are truly passionate and excited about growing your manufacturing business, this workshop is definitely for you!

Your business investment $995 offers one of the best opportunities to yield growth with a typical strong ROI within 30 days after full implementation.

If you are willing to work hard and collaborate with us for your success, then register now to save your spot and we look forward to working alongside you!

(Chicago Area - June 22 2017)

“Darin Minter helped us make enormous strides that led to a successful launch of a business concept I'd been working on for several years. He was instrumental in refining our marketing strategies, packaging concepts and logistical considerations for a new retail and on-line specialty food company out of Grayslake (IL). ”

Old Havana Foods

Julian Crews, Founder & CEO - Old Havana Foods

“Darin helped manage an extremely complex and technical intellectual property transfer for Motorola which lead to the recognition of over $40M in savings for the corporation. He worked closely with several large partners to coordinate major deliverables among many moving parts.”

Motorola Solutions

Eric Ravn-Hansen, Senior Program Manager - Motorola Solutions

“Darin and his team have designed and delivered high quality cost effective in-building solutions to the Illinois and Wisconsin markets. I count on Darin to consistently deliver quality products in a timely fashion.”

AT&T Mobility

James Kommer, In-Building Solutions Consultant - AT&T Mobility

“Darin is a Tier 1 vendor and ideal systems integrator that has led numerous projects for us. His blended background of operations, wireless, and sales makes him an exceptional asset to any project.”



Earnings Disclaimer

Please don’t interpret these offers as a promise of future earnings, especially without a great deal of effort. Most people rarely get the results they hope for because they often don’t know where to start and are overwhelmed. However, the services and offerings that Exponential Advisors Alliance (ExOAA), Manufacturing Millionaires, Inc. and WMG Consulting, Inc. provide including but not limited to coaching, workshops, special memberships and published content can help alleviate the stress and pressure of going it alone and can provide direction, access and counsel not available anywhere else. If you are okay with the continued struggle and are just waiting for that “magic pill” to make everything right, this is NOT for you. However, if you are ready to give up grinding it out day after day and want to begin putting that effort toward positive, productive pathways that can lead to 7-Figure opportunities then, this is right for you. If you are ready to collaborate and work hard together toward your own success, then this is right for you.

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