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When you’re depending upon the total success of your idea or product, you need trustworthy and experienced support plus the right answers for critical questions.


How to make a design ready for mass production?

Apply the thought process to select the right materials, do cost effective prototyping and protect your ideas and inventions.


What makes your product sell?

Do your invention justice by making an irresistible design and then monetize it.


How to get your idea to market quickly?

With all the Systems, Action plans and Templates inside the membership you have a much better chance of beating the competition and getting your idea to market quickly.

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Whether you’re ready to apply for membership or not, please accept this gift to help propel your idea or invention or market. Download the 9 Tips That Inventors Need to Know Handout here:

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Brian Cowell - Small Manufacturing Ideas

Who is Brian Cowell?

Brian has a proven track record for directing global project teams which launched disruptive product portfolios totaling $100’s of millions of dollars for companies such as Nike, Amazon, iRobot and Keurig and many others.

His heart and passion, however, is really to help small manufacturers and creative engineers succeed with their business and/or idea. Brian does this by coming along side to coach and deliver programs to get ideas and inventions ready for market or revitalizing the supply chain and sales portfolio of manufacturers.

Why should you listen to him?

Brian's proven ability and scores of successes places him in high demand. He uses his successful experience as a Business Development Executive and Project Coordinator working with both Industry Leaders and Innovative Start-ups to solve complex problems and architect creative solutions.

Brian shares a wide assortment of industry knowledge and network of expertise he has built across the USA and globally to help clients find funding, perfect designs, control costs, build prototypes, pass testing, and drive toward launching on time and on budget.

Helping inventors get their idea to market
Innovator working on Internet of Things

What makes the Innovator's Launch Lab unique?

Brian truly cares about your success and knows the funding challenges most inventors and innovators face when developing a new product. The Innovator's Launch Lab is his way of giving back to the industry, and to you, by providing a wealth of expertise and tools that you'll need for every step of your journey from idea to market. His approach is designed to help protect your intellectual property and doesn't require you to give up large portions of equity so you're the one that profits from all your hard work.

How it Works


Sign up and select your first course or workbook to make immediate progress on what's most relevant for getting your idea or invention to market.


Use the platform to get answers to your questions and feedback on your project. Save time and money by taking out guesswork from the process.


Use your newfound business to change the world in a positive way.

“Brian's ability to understand intricate project details and to coach, guide and mentor global resources to successful outcomes helped create many compelling products for iconic brands. Brian also has a keen eye for details and a technical mind in which allows him to quickly assess opportunities and to develop project strategies from early sketch to full scale.”

Bob Perez

Bob Perez, Sr. VP Mobile Device Supply Chain - Motorola

“Brian has a very good background and experience with design, materials, project planning, cost, new technology, as well as a huge source pool of people and groups who can supply him with any known or as yet still in development solutions to any product, or design challenge. He is well versed in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a supplier, designer, or technology.”

Bob Perez

Chris Novak, Director of Mechanical Engineering - Speck Products

“Over the past 4 years of doing business with Brian, I can say that he has an outstanding grasp of business as well as technical issues. He is a strong problem solver and always brings a fresh approach to resolving all challenges. He is professional in his approach, always delivers on his promises.”

Bob Perez

Bob Booton, Director Commodity Management - Amazon/Lab126

“Brian's helped me take a complicated prototype made by hand, refine it to a better design, successfully launch to market and scale to manufacturing thousands per month. I’ve been working with him since 2016 to develop new designs, concepts and products that I can take to market or license --and I'm working with him on multiple other projects I'm confident will also be successful with his help and guidance.”

Rob Burke

Rob Burke, Creative Director - Burke Innovations

What You Get

Lab Incubator:

Weekly office hours with an industry expert that's directed the launch of disruptive product portfolios in the $100’s of millions of dollars where you can ask any questions you’d like to increase your velocity toward success.

Lab Private Community:

A safe place to share your concerns and experiences, to ask questions, build deep relationships and get guidance to overcome challenges -- and avoid them altogether -- under the guidance of a world-class expert.

Field Lab Idea2Reality Show:

Monthly innovator's Ideas2Reality show on topics relevant to helping you roll up your sleeves and replicate the best disruptors.

"The Lab" Ideas to Market Masterclasses:

Growing library of of masterclasses broken down in bite-size lessons on crucial topics with practical guidelines to get your idea or invention to market.

Lab Equipment :

Templates, handouts and how-to guides that have resulted in millions of dollars being generated and how you can apply them for your own potential success.

Lab Experiment Video Capsules:

Monthly training intensive video capsules where you can pre-post your issue and what you believe might be standing in your way, for expert advice. All topics will be addressed by our team of experts but not all will be on the video capsule.

Lab Professional Network Access:

Access to Manufacturing Millionaires network of prototyping and manufacturing providers and professional assessment on what you need for your idea or invention to be ready for the big leagues.

Lab Million Dollar Mistakes:

Common, and not so common, mistakes to avoid as you journey toward success.

Frequently asked questions from our customers

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Do I have to give up rights to my idea or invention?

No, you don't have to give up intellectual property rights or equity into your idea or invention to join the Innovator's Launch Lab. We'll also provide you the resources and guidance that you need to properly protect your valuable idea or invention and future profits.

What happens if I don't enjoy the Lab or want to cancel?

We know you will benefit immensely from the Innovator's Launch Lab, however, if for whatever reason you're not 100% satisfied in any way we have a 30 day money back guarantee (no questions asked). We want you to succeed and get your idea to market faster while saving you money-- and if you become a member of the Lab and put your heart into it you'll get amazing results.

Know if you need to cancel as you've reached your goal or no longer need the support, you can do see in just a few clicks. You can also pause your membership if you'll be out of town, ANYTIME.

Why should I join now instead of waiting?

It's time for you to take action. Simple as that. People need your idea and invention and it's not fair to make them wait. If you really want to get your idea or invention to market, and do it profitably you need support, community, strategies and most of all... accountability! If you are serious about what you are creating, the time is now.

How do I know the content will be relevant to me?

The content is specifically designed to address all the key areas of getting an idea or invention to market, including: Patents, Marketing, Pricing, Prototyping, Product development, Manufacturing, Distribution, and much more!

You can also be confident that you will get the support you need as our team of experts and Brian will be answering your questions through the private Lab forum and monthly video training capsules. You can always reach us to give feedback and make special training requests through our easy-to-access help desk.

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